A Tribute to Mum

If you know me then you probably know my mother. If you know my mother then you are a blessed person. My mama is one of the most servant-hearted, selfless people that I know. She is the wife of a pastor and business owner, mother of five and grandmother of fourteen! If you don't think … Continue reading A Tribute to Mum


Life Is Short

My brother found a gray hair on my head today. I'm only 24, but that gray hair got me to thinking......LIFE IS SHORT! We only have a certain amount of time on this earth until God calls us away from this life, and I want to make that time count. Hebrews 9:27 And as it … Continue reading Life Is Short

Life Now

Hello world. It's nice to be back on my little blog. So much has happened since I last posted! My best friend and sister have both become wives. I've gained 5 nephews, and 1 niece is due today. We made it through all of the bustle that the holiday season brought, and have currently avoided … Continue reading Life Now


"Pride must die in you or nothing of heaven can live in you."-Andrew Murray Pride is the root of all sin and evil, while humility is the root of Christian virtue. It was pride that caused Satan to fall, it was pride that caused Adam and Eve to fall, and it is pride that causes … Continue reading Humility